t-shirt print design 2019
"food trucks" poster sign 2019
calendar 2018
calendar 2018 pt 2
calendar 2018 pt 3
"you looked great...last night" series 2019
"you looked great...last night" series 2019
"you looked great...last night" series 2019
"you looked great...last night" series 2019
music therapy 2019
Happy Cinese NY 2019!
digital art 2019
 type with AI brushes 2019
interlaced, typography
that flu in February 2019
Nastya's Portrait 2019, Linear Art
digital art experiments 2019
page design isnt found :( 2019
how i see myself doing yoga pt 2
Sophie and Karan 2019
motherhood 2019 pt 2
anatomy learning via digital art 2019
Ash and Susu
Mathilde Goehler and her daughter 2019
motherhood 2019
logo development
alternative logo
logo development in green
variation of a dog logo
self portrait
(Large customer) icons 2017
Square icons 2018
Resume Design 2018
digital linear art print on clock 2018
rumor 2018
father and son 2018
Typography assignment 2017
type close up 8,2018
type close up 6,2018
type close up 7,2018
Divergent Alphabet 2018
type close up 5,2018
Divergent Alphabet 2018 pt2
type close up 1, 2018
type close up 4,2018
Typography Composition 2018
"Emma" Jane Austin tote bag print design
print design for tote 2018
illustration print for tote 2018
apparel print design 2018
digital art print on leggings 2018
leggings digital art print 2018
linear art print on tote 2018
New York couple, linear art 2018
photography on apparel 2018
photograph from Boston trip 2018
photograph print for her 2018
Boston trip photograph 2018
photograph print for him 2018
"Her",linear fast art 2018
digital linear art 2017
"Him",fast linear art 2018
"Us", fast linear art 2018
process of the Infographics assignment 2017
Book Cover 2017
Flyer for an art exhibition 2018
Posters for NDNU Community 2018
Sketching Process for NDNU Poster 2018
NDNU Poster pt2 2018
apparel Christmas design print 2017
Leggings art print design 2017
Leggings art print design 2017
design print for the collection 2017
design print for the collection 2017
Brand Identity 2016
"almost Lakers" print
The Calendar Chair Catalogue 2018
"Jack and Jill"
"Massage Chair"
"UPS by Gaetano Pesce"
"X chair"
"two faces" graphic illustration 2018
quick digital sketch idea 2017
graphic illustration 2018
breast cancer survivor (quick poster sketch 2017)
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